Do You Need Permission Before You Can Use A Roll-Off Dumpster At Your Business?

Roll-offs are ideal for any number of reasons. Using them for your business can save you time and money when you're moving or reorganizing. However, it's not always okay to simply park a large dumpster on the street and throw trash in it. Sometimes, you need permission, sometimes you don't.

What Kind of Area Are You In?

In some places, a permit isn't necessary for a roll-off or a dumpster. If you plan to use the roll-off in a place with a little foot or road traffic, then odds are you will also need permission to block a part of the street.

If you're bringing the roll-off onto private property, then there's less of a chance you will need anyone permissions. However, you may still need permission from the property owner if you don't own the property.

No matter what, you should inquire about whether you need a permit or not. Check with the municipality, property owner, and roll-off rental service as well.

If you need the roll-off placed on public property, you will almost always need a permit. In many municipalities, the same group that governs parking and street regulations will usually deal with permits. If you're unsure if it's public or private property, it's imperative you figure out whether you have permission or not first.

Who Acquires The Permits?

Usually, it's completely up to you to gain the proper permit for a roll-off. In most cases, the rental company will not bring the roll-off if you don't have permission. Even if they do, you or your business will face the penalties, not the rental company.

Where Should You Place the Roll-Off?

Even if you have permission to place the roll-off where you want, you have to make sure it's a good location for it. These large, heavy bins come with a few considerations that will factor into their placement. These considerations will also factor into exactly what piece of land you want a permit for.

For example, if your business sits on private property that's mostly soft grass, the rental service may not bring a roll-off there. Roll-offs can become stuck on soft ground, or they can tear up the landscaping in a way you may not want to occur.

In such cases, you may want the roll-off on a part of the street closest to the business. If so, you will need a permit from the town for that specific stretch of road.

Speak with roll off dumpster rental service about what you will need to do about permits before they can bring the roll-off to your location. In a best-case scenario, you may not need a permit at all. But you should always ask, rather than make an assumption.