3 Ways Your Company Benefits From Oil Reclamation

Oil is one of the most vital components in a combustion engine. It is the job of the oil to lubricate moving parts and help dispel heat to prevent the engine from overheating.

Companies that are looking for a way to streamline their oil consumption and procurement processes often choose to invest in oil reclamation.

Here are three unique ways that oil reclamation can benefit your company over time.

1. Professional Help Is Available

Smaller companies can feel like the oil reclamation process is a daunting one. Specialized equipment is needed to complete multiple filtration and demineralization processes when preparing the crude oil for reclamation.

Fortunately, you can partner with a company that specializes in oil reclamation.

These companies supply the tools, equipment, and skilled labor required to collect and process used crude oil.

2. ISO Standards Are Strict

All of the oil that is reclaimed and prepared for a return to the workforce must meet certain ISO minimum standards. These standards are quite strict and must be met if you want to avoid paying a significant penalty or covering costly fees.

The company that you partner with for oil reclamation will provide you with a report outlining the condition of the oil when it was received, as well as the condition of the oil when it is released back into the market.

Since ISO standards are constantly being updated, reclamation professionals will be informed of the most recent legal definitions. This can eliminate the use of outdated information to prepare for the reclamation process.

3. Many Types of Oil Can Be Reclaimed

There are as many types of oil as there are machines that rely on oil to run smoothly. Each of these oils can be reclaimed using unique recycling methods.

Some of the oil products that you should consider sending to a reclamation facility include hydraulic oils, turbine oils, circulating oils, gear oils, and transformer oils.

Despite the fact that reclaimed oils are technically categorized as blended oils, they get the job done. Using reclaimed oil can help you lower your daily operational costs and ensure that your company turns a profit over time.

Oil reclamation is a unique type of recycling that takes the organic fossil fuels used to produce oil and transforms them into a new, yet still usable product. Consider incorporating oil reclamation into your day-to-day activities in the future.

Contact an oil reclamation service to learn more.